Ashfield Valley Primary School

Values and Ethos

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At Ashfield Valley we care for and value every child in a nurturing, inclusive environment.

All members of our school community will work hard to ensure that each pupil achieves their full potential and has the opportunity to shine.


We want the children in our care to:

 Develop into learners who are adaptable, curious and confident, and independent.

 Have high expectations of themselves, both in school and within their community.

 Have the opportunity to excel in whichever area their strengths lie.

 Engage in a wide range of learning experiences which will prepare them for the future.

 Feel valued, be happy and inspired within a safe and stimulating environment.

 Develop a sense of discipline and purpose and strive to be good role models.

 Embrace challenge and develop resilience.

 Understand how to make lifestyle choices to benefit physical and mental health.

 Be given the opportunity to speak freely and their opinions be heard, valued and considered.

 Develop a respect and tolerance for all, both inside school and the wider community.