Ashfield Valley Primary School

Religious Education

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Religious Education at Ashfield Valley


The Value of Religious Education within our Curriculum

Our vision at Ashfield Valley is that children develop knowledge of, understanding of and respect for their own beliefs and the beliefs of others. They are encouraged to ask questions, to have discussions and to accept and celebrate the differences between themselves and others. R.E. also encourages children to seek out the similarities between us all as human beings.

Our teaching of Religious Education will:

  • Teach learners about beliefs, practises, places of worship and festivals of different religions.
  • Allow children to ask questions and have discussions about their own and others’ beliefs.
  • Teach children to listen and respond respectfully to all comments from teachers, peers and visitors.
  • Inspire and encourage curiosity.
  • Give learners the opportunity to visit places of worship to learn more about them, as well as having faith visitors in school to enhance the curriculum.
  • Allow learners to understand the diversity of the world and the people in it, thus enabling them to understand more about their own identity and their place as a member of society.


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